19 March 2007

Life in General

Life. Life is flying by for me. It's happening so fast, it bewilders me. I remember Life before the internet and wonder how much change has occurred in Life as a result.

Every day I find myself thinking increasingly more about Heaven and the afterlife. What it will be like? I had a dream once that took place a million years in the future. A group of us were going to a fairly new planet, without spaceships. Just our new bodies. The planet had much more land than Earth, lots of mountains, and was smaller. And I remember somebody saying that this was the first time so-and-so had ever landed on a new planet.

Every day I feel the Spirit of God pressing closer upon me. Sometimes it like an enormous weight, and yet the weight has no mass. It's merely a sort of largeness that surrounds your entire being. Probably what being at the bottom of the ocean would feel like.

Increasing, and this have something to do with the fact that I sleep during the day and work at night, I see, or rather feel, myself walking on this enormous plateau or grassy plain. . .sort of like Montana. . .and it's uphill. Only I never get to the horizon. It keeps going up a little further. Once, though, I almost did get to the end. . .and the grassy plain merged with the sky into a sort of coppery-colored thick misty place. And for an instant, it seemed to me the copper. . .it may have been gold. . .was molten and had eyes spanning the horizon. And as I looked up at the eyes, it was as if I felt a warming sensation from the deepest recesses of my being.

Then I woke up.

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