01 March 2007


Washed the car today at 2 AM. Why not? It was nice out.

I was debating whether or not to remain a Christian since they apparently found Jesus' bones in an ossuary. Naturally, my entire belief system was shaken to the core.

In other news: Some scientists in Kansas recently uncovered evidence that the world may indeed be flat. Their study was not well-received in the scientific community. Perhaps the ACLU will volunteer to assist their cause.

What is truly scary is that one religious professor claimed that his faith would not be shaken. This tells me the fellow is very confused about Christianity. I mean, if the Resurrection never happened, what good is Christianity?

It would be a pointless religion and life would be devoid of meaning. Just a meaningless existence. It would also make Jesus a liar and eliminate his claim to divinity. Nor would he have been a good man-perhaps pretty good and fairly moral-but certainly not God.

If Christianity weren't true, would any other religion be? Judaism? Judaism is Christianity. . .that is for all practical purposes. (If you subtract all the customs and traditions men added). All Judaism is based upon the 10 Commandments, which in turn are based on love, which is an intrinsic part of God's very nature.

I suppose Zorastrianism might be a good choice, however, when one follows Zorastrianism's tenets to their logical endpoints-it's not consistent with reality. No other religion is consistent with reality. Even atheism is non-consistent with reality.

You've got to wonder why the alleged bones of Jesus popped up in the news recently, instead of hundreds of years ago. This tells me that entities in the spirit world are fearing something God is up to and ready to do. (I realize this last sentence would make absolutely no sense to 99.9% of the media. . .which amuses me.)

This brings to mind an article I read in Christianity Today once. The author thought it sad that Jesus died so young. He thought, (the author), Jesus would have accomplished much more in life had he lived about 80 or so years. And I thought,

'This man is spiritually ignorant twice over. First, he is ignorant of things supernatural. Secondly, it takes something supernatural to get someone that ignorant.'

The 2008 democrat presidential race looks to be most interesting. I don't think Barack Obama, nor Hillary 'I was named after Sir Edmund Hillary. . .(before he was famous)' Clinton have a chance. I can see the campaign slogans now.

'We need B.O. in the White House.'


'Jezebel for President.'

8 years of King Ahab is long enough for one country.

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kludge said...

'We need B.O. in the White House.'

This might be a reality... There isn't much on the right side of the isle as I see it...