08 March 2007


One of the must-do things in my life. I have to run nearly everyday. Why? Too many reasons to list. It makes thinking alot easier for one. In the 1700s, the British used to torture prisoners by making them run on human-propelled treadmills. Now, people spend $1000 of dollars (of their own free-will) to run on these things. And consider themselves fortunate to do so.

The times they are a changin'

As much fun as running is, people just don't get addicted to it. You think I'm kidding? Go to your local high school track and tell me how many times you've seen a man out by the pole vault pit, decked out in shades saying, "Psst! My man. . .pair of Nikes?"

I don't think so.

LetsRun.com is probably the most comprehensive running site out there. It's a must-go-to site.

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kludge said...

I've been told that most people who own a treadmill only ever get a workout when moving it from one side of the garage to the other...