02 April 2007

2 April 2007 Anno Domini

It's Monday again and Jason has a headache, so his alter-ego is posting for him. His alter-ego has the same name as Jason, so this could be rather confusing. Jason always has a headache for aproximately half a day on Mondays. This is because he wakes up at 7AM on Sundays, runs a TV camera for 3-4 hours, then works for another 8-9 hours in a chemistry lab where his brain is subjected to coal dust, sulfuric and nitric acid fumes, and the stench of burning sulfur. . .which is why his clothes smell like hell. . .and no, that's not frivolous cursing. . .they actual do smell like gehenna. . .burnt sulfur and all that. This is on top of converting his body from a nocturnal creature to a day creature and back to a nocturnal creature. Like Jason experiences something like jet-lag every week.

Spring in Virginia means Flounder prices drop to purchasable levels and yellow-dusty cars. My car now resembles a blue dolphin sprinkled with curry powder. Spring also means the arrival of more baby rabbits hiding in the shrubbery. Before sunrise, they come out to play, chew grass, and stare at people until the fox comes. You wouldn't think there would be foxes in the city, but there are. They hang out by car tires and watch the little rabbits. . .just like gang members. Other times, you'll see foxes troop across the mall parking lot (down the street) on business of their own. At 5 AM, the foxes cease patrolling the neighborhood because of the birds. Chirping birds are the alarm for foxes to clock out for the night. The birds wake up and clean the worms off the sidewalks till noon or so. Then it is the squirrels turn. I'm not exactly sure what it is the squirrels do, but it requires a lot of scampering to and fro.

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kludge said...


These stream of consciousness or unconsciousness posts are easily my favorite!

I agree, squirrels serve no vital function in the city, they just steal all the good trees, and slow down traffic as drivers stop to watch.