12 April 2007


A few of the interesting things I've seen lately while running around the lake.

-The first snake of the year. . .today
-snapping turtles
-a very large cat with a beard fishing in a stream
-a heron gulping down fish
-Laverne and Shirley
-two senior citizens throwing rocks at some unfortunate creature in the lake
-an unknown creature in the lake that was unfortunate
-two teenage girls dressed like medieval princesses
-one minature dog impersonating a zebra


J Crew said...

Who knew running could be such a learning and eventful experience. I would love to see two senior citizens throwing rocks at another creature. I hope that I will be that cool when I am older

Jason said...

My goal was to get past the 2 octegenarians as soon as possible. . .before I got stoned.