05 September 2007

Black Wednesday

The unthinkable, I think, has just occurred.

When I was 25-years-old, I started writing a book. Most of the updated files were stored on a small, black, flash drive laying here beside me on this white table.

I think the flash left the drive and now body lays here, dormant, comatose, incapacitated, perhaps even dead.

This is not a good thing.

Not at all.


kludge said...

I hope this isn't so. Were you able to retrieve anything? Did you save it anywhere else?

Is this the same one you posted parts of here about a year ago?

Jason said...

I have pretty much everything saved in bits and pieces among several CD's and floppy disks (remember those?), but I copied much of what I had onto this tiny black flashdrive which I called my personal TMA (remember 2001: A Space Oddysey)