06 September 2007

Some pictures I took this past week-end while traveling to the great state of West Virginia.

The lawn mower my great white uncle blew up while trying to jump-start with a pick-up truck. (Don't do this)

Some fungis

Parents front deck

A cabin by a pond

Butterfly on a blue towel


kludge said...

Ok, the tractor is AWESOME.

I would like to know the details on that one!! :)

Jason said...

Details are fuzzy and there are no witnesses, but he 'says' the lawn mower battery died and he thought it the most natural thing in the world to jump start it with a Toyota Tacoma. The truck battery was apparently more powerful thn the tiny lawn mower battery and somehow the battery exploded, sending small firebrands and flaming tractor parts all over the yard in a blaze of glory.

I think he went a little heavy on his medication that day.