19 September 2007


"Good for pets and soup"
(Something I saw earlier and felt like sharing)

September is a quiet month, especially in the evenings. The hot August sun no longer beats down, the wind is calm, the air feels cleaner, the little ones are back in school. You can feel the cool Autumn coming.

And October, with it's pumpkins, Halloween, squash, football games, and cross-country races. September though, is the transition between green leaves and multi-colored leaves. I used to hate September, now it's my favorite month. It's slightly melancholic and makes one feel nostalgic about things past. Every other month I'm consumed with the future. . .the distant future. . .always have been. Both 10 years from now and 10,000.

Have you ever read the complete archives of a perfect stranger's blog? It is enlightening and one feels as if one knows that person. It's like reading the journal of a Confederate soldier, except this person currently exists.

Come to think of it. . .every person ever born is still in existence. Some are experiencing life-as-we-know-it, some are what we call dead. Among the dead, you've got the ones who are experiencing a reality greater than us human people still encased in matter and clamoring to get out. The other dead people are merely existing. . .in torment. A torment not designed for humans to endure, but endure they must. It has to be this way too. I would like to say that I wish the situation were otherwise. Is there still hope for these people? That is a question I don't know the answer to.

But maybe I do and simply refuse to think that thought. Humans know alot more than they think they know. . .you know? We all know more than we let on, but are limited to how much we can think because. . .why? We think with our mind, not to be confused with the brain. (they're separate you know.)

And still. Still the spirit of a man knows much more than his mind. Intuitive types. That's who they are. The prophets, the seers, new mother's have a ridiculous intuition about their newborns that men can only wonder about. It comes from carrying around this person for nine months.

I went to the mid-west, Oklahoma, almost exactly two years ago. Few people there compared to the highly-populated East Coast. You can stand outside and tell that there is a lot less people there and has been alot less people there. I think that one reason why when one goes to a land that used to be populated by many many people, one knows it. Something still lingers there. What. . .I don't know. It could be the spirits of the dead people brooding around the place. Kathmandu is like that. People have been there for at least a thousand years and still when one walks the streets, the very air is thicker than North America. Truth be told, I know more than humans walk those streets.

In the mid-west, one knows that one is far from any large bodies of water. . .like the ocean. I cannot explain why, but it's not because I didn't see any seagulls soaring around Tulsa.

Something else I have seen under the sun. Look at the world. The areas that have worshipped God are prosperous and more technologically advanced than other places. Even the places that used to, but have grown cold, are better off than the non-God-worshipping places. Indonesia is riddled with Poverty. India is riddled with Poverty. The Dark Continent is dark, poor, and poverty-stricken as well.

Iraq and Iran are desolate. Look at Israel. There is a difference. America should take note lest it becomes a continent-sized Mad Max land mass. She really should. The beginnings of the birth pangs have started.

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