25 September 2007

The Sloth that could. . .but didn't

If you tell a lazy person to do a certain task, don't be surprised if they do not do it.

Though you tell him time and time again, a stupid person will continue on in his stupidity for it is his nature. . .his fallen nature.

Words have no effect on the lazy man. In business, the lazy man should be told to do something twice, and if no change occurs--->fire him. This will lead to less aspirin consumption.

Beating him would work too, but I don't think this is legal.

If left to himself, he will continue on in his stupid ways and lead an unproductive and useless life, irritating others along the way.

One should not associate with the lazy and the stupid for they cannot help you achieve your goals in Life. Besides, they can rub off on you and affect your view of the world by tricking you into thinking mediocre is the proper state of affairs.

Sending a lazy person on an errand is like making a 4-year-old clean your car. . .frustrating. It is better to eliminate the dross, lest it contaminate the gold. For when gold, if dirty, loses it's luster and does not have great value.

If one works, must work, on a consistent basis with a lazy man, the thing to do is not talk in their presence unless necessary. Humoring them works well too. One should do the right and proper thing despite what the lazy creatures do. Perhaps they can change. You certainly cannot change them with words.

If after a time no change happens, then differentiate your work from their work. Somebody with sense might see the difference and reward the better.

Don't be surprised if this angers the lazy man. People without a goal have more time to mope.

Once there was a rich man who hired a lazy man. The lazy man, despite being his incompetence, was never fired. A precedent was established on what and what he would not do. When times changed, the lazy man did not, and became an irritant and a parasite to the company.

Parasites need living bodies to exist. The Healthy can survive on their own.

I must remember this when I have my own business.

Too much aspirin can kill a man.


kludge said...

Co worker getting you down? I'm sorry. At least you got a great post out of it! We've all worked with the lazy... this line "People without a goal have more time to mope." Is right on exactly!

Jason said...

I don't know who exactly reads this blog, but a co-worker can be quite an accurate guess.

kludge said...

Re-reading this I have to ask...

Are you dusting his soda with Bayer?

Jason said...

He doesn't drink soda. . .or apparently anything with caffeine as it would give him (or her) energy to perform work-related duties.