02 January 2008

Day 2, America

1:44 AM, America, Day 2

Greetings O' Thou Great and Portly One,

I saw no fireworks tonight, rather something else you might be interested in. The sapiens have built a large blue building, which, apparently, is open 24 hours a day. It is some type of market where one can purchase Chinese products and mathoms. I don't why they had sapiens on the other side of the blue planet to build things for them, nor do I understand why there were so many wandering the isles at such a late hour. But they all seemed intently interested to be there at such a late hour as evidenced by their much frantic talking into their portable metal boxes.

(I should note that the little boxes had voices speaking to them, much as parrots.)

I overheard one conversation of a (much portly) woman. I could discern nothing of importance being discussed.

Another thing of note at the indoor marketplace. A very large mean-looking gentlemen with handcuffs and some type of utility belt kept staring at everyone. He did not seem interested in purchasing anything. He did seem somewhat interested in a female sapien with an ill-fitting white dress that did not seem designed for cold weather. As a matter of fact, the female had quite a bit of skin showing. She also had painted her face in an odd manner.

The mean-looking gentlemen also had an uncanny interest in an older man with a white three piece suit and fancy gold cane. He wasn't buying anything either, but he looked important.

One may also purchase mathoms of interest outside the store. Only the sellers can give you no receipt. One greasy-looking character offered me some grass. I told him him I was renting, nor did I have a lawnmower. After a confused look, he said,

"No, Myman. I'm talking marijuana."

This sounded like bad grammar. . .or Spanish, so I told him,

"Por lo siento Senior, para no hablo espanol." Just as I was taught. Then the fellow ran away.

More reports later.


A Stranger in a Strange Land.


Anonymous said...

so do you happen to know my friend Jen then?

Jason said...

Not really, from her blog only.

We had some online classes together at Regent and she was the only classmember that had a blog. So I started reading it. . .I remember she was probably the best writer in class. . .except for perhaps this really smart Orthodox Jewish guy.