17 January 2008

The Honking Mazda

I do not know when the honking started.

I know it was after my landlord left and probably after Dr. Bill left. Dr. Bill, btw, is not a physician, nor does he have a Ph.D in any field. Dr. Bill fixes appliances and drives a white cargo van. Today, the Dr. and the landlord came by to repair the dryer which runs continuously until the clothes undergo spontaneous combustion.

But that's another story.

It must have been close to 6 PM when I stepped outside and noticed my truck flashing the neighborhood. When something you own flashes the neighbors it is not a good day unless you win the lottery.

I did not win today's lottery.

The Little Silver Mazda that Could was flashing it's lights and honking for all it's worth. Keep in mind that Virginia Beach, USA is not a sparsely populated area. . .think lots of condos, apartments, and Marriots packed with tourists and artsy people. People who come for peace and quiet to contemplate the mysteries of nature.

There is nothing mysterious about a honking Mazda.

I noticed that all the neighbors lights were out and shades drawn. So, I can only hope none of them were home. Yet something tells me otherwise.

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