31 January 2008


Diligent people rule the planet.
Lazy people are the slaves.
Educated people are always busy learning and chatting.
The less intelligent are the servants.

The brain, you know, is a muscle. And as all muscles, need exercise lest it atrophy causing stupidity. This is one reason why most people at 25-years of age get stupid. . .and think the same basic thoughts over and over. . .they cease reading, writing, and thinking. . .and watch tv.

Stupidity is, in a strange sense, a gift from God. When people reject God, they reject logic and creativity, causing the brain to become warped. So, the rejectors inevitably undergo stupidification, which, like Alzheimers, helps them forget reality and leave a numb and dumb life.

Perfect love casts out all fear. So doesn't too much alcohol, though not in the same way.

The older I get, the more I view other people as pets. Hopefully, this isn't just me. But some people, God help them, don't make much sense when they talk. It is like listening to a golden retriever barking at a squirrel.

I'm also starting to believe that 99% of the people don't know 99% of what they're talking about, 99% of the time.

And so one stares at the little human people, like a herd of cattle or sheep, and listens to them bay at the moon, passing cars, and stuff food down their mouths. . .continually. . .lest they get discomfortable (is this a word?) . . .and eat grass, and sometimes smoke it, and watch other cows on reality tv. . .to see what real live other people do. Why??? If religion is supposed to be the opiate of the masses, tv must be fast food for the masses.

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