08 January 2008

Day 8, 1:46 PM

Dear Emperor,

The Sapiens seem to have a type of religion devoted to sports. Every Sunday, they travel to these large open-aired structures and chant, and wave, and yell, and scream at the (priests?) running about the center of these buildings. Many, I have noticed, decorate themselves in body paint and wave signs.

There also seems to be a duel class society, much as the Fair-i-sees and the Sad-you-sees of the Shepherd people from the oral histories. They seem to have an uncanny obsession with food as well. Perhaps this can be attributed to some disease, as most do not seem malnourished, rather overfed.

In the middle of the service, the choir comes out and plays two songs. The female Sapiens actually watch the singers. The male Sapiens do not. I did not have time to follow them, but I saw where they enter these smallish rooms with grumpy faces and leave looking relaxed, if not a bit sheepish. Then they buy more food. The one male Sapien I asked about the little rooms told me they go there to worship a little porcelain god. This makes sense, as they apparently have a pantheon of deities.

More later.

A Stranger in a Strange Land

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