02 October 2008


It is 7:50 PM now on the east coast of America. In little more than an hour Sarah will debate Delaware Joey in St. Louis. No matter how either person does, it would behoove all you readers out there in cyberland to register to vote asap.

Preferably for McCain/Palin.

Unless you really want to experience life in an Orwellian future. I don't. I liked Animal Farm, 1984, and Brave New World. But I appreciate them as good books, as stories, not as life in Amerika.

It's unsettling the images Obama has of himself posturing as some kind of Soviet-era dictator in Eastern Europe. He's well-educated, and makes a fairly good writer. . .a little fuzzy on the facts. . .and his logic doesn't exactly coincide with reality.

One must keep in mind that knowing a lot of facts doesn't mean having a lot of wisdom. I personally know many people who know many facts, but you wouldn't want to give them much responsibility.

Knowledge is a good thing. Knowing what to do with it is another thing entirely.

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