23 August 2008

Probing Impossibly Improbable Possabilities

I used to think that everything was possible and the impossible just took a bit longer.

Later, I thought nothing was impossible and the impossible-still impossible.

Then, I was told nothing was really impossible, including the actually impossible, but the impossible was merely highly improbable, and that sometimes even the possible was improbable too.

Yet, sometimes even though the impossible is impossible, though not intrinsically impossible, it can be probable if one keeps trying. . .providing one expects the impossible to happen.

So, all things are possible, including the impossible, except of course the intrinsically impossible, but not not necessarily probable, and all the possible things are not possibly probable. Furthermore, to think that the intrinsically impossible, probable or intrinsically possible. . .is shear nonsense.

And that, of course, is definitely probable.

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kludge said...

Am I suppose to feel lost? Has anyone seen the lifeguard?