21 April 2009

Going John Galt

The Doers are going on strike. Obama's plan to increase taxes on the >$250,000/year crowd for mysterious and mystical reasons is backfiring. Apparently, the Doers are growing sick and tired of the Moochers and Looters mooching and looting the Doers and begging for handouts. You think the Great One knew this basic fact of human nature? Perhaps he skipped class that day in Socialism 101.

Dentist, physicians, engineers and many others who contribute useful stuff to this country are cutting back on hours due to the fact they don't want Uncle Sam to get all the money they make. Just like in the book Atlas Shrugged. . .all 1,200 pages of it.

The Moos and the Loos, using their trailer park wisdom, really truly need to stop their nonsense and get with the program. It gets very irritating, (I see this happening more so today than a decade ago), trying to carry on a conversation with somebody who thinks Manitoba is an imaginary land like Atlantis. (Yes, this actually happened this past week.)

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