13 April 2009

The Takeover

A society has freedom and order only if it is built on a moral base- a morality based on God's intrinsic nature. The only countries to have freedom and order have been those based on God’s moral principles. Since people need order more than they need freedom, and since order tends to chaos, any society will naturally fall if left long enough. When people perceive an increase in chaos they yearn for more order. This order can only come from one of two sources-the government or the Church. With increasing chaos, people look to government to control the disorder-more police, more programs, higher taxes to pay for the programs, more judges, more lawyers-things that don’t really contribute as much to society as the Arts and Sciences. When people want more order, they will gladly give up some freedom to get it. This is one reason why the Democrats are in the majority now.

Some signs of a falling nation:

Decadence-A lower standard in TV, movies, music.

Rising mediocrity.

An obsession with sex, food, and glitzy glamorous thing, i.e. bling.

A lower quality in the standard of life.

Many people acting and talking alike-(if everybody’s thinking alike, nobody’s really thinking.) One can call it the Monkey Syndrome.

An increase in laws. Some things are intuitively obvious, yet in an increasingly perverted society, people purposely ignore the intuitively obvious (natural laws) and as a result exhibit mental problems galore. One can repress the fact there’s a rhinoceros in the room, but given enough time you can be sure that same one will develop strange habits and squirrel-like tendencies.

The time for an authoritarian government is practically upon us. For years we’ve been conditioned to act, talk, speak, and think alike and have had a type of morality called Humanism preached to us for decades. Sometimes this has been called Moral Relativity, a set of ‘morals’ as defined by the majority and not based on the unchanging morals of God’s nature. Over time, we’ve turned from humans to machines and anybody with some sense knows machines are more easily controlled and manipulated than free-will agents.

The time is nearly ripe for the Takeover.

First, there’s the control of the Media. Second, there must be an economic meltdown. Third, there must come a difficulty in obtaining basic goods and services- food.

The difficulty in getting food, (and there really needn’t be an actual food shortage, simply a belief in a food shortage), will be the point for an authoritarian regime to take control.

It’s really the only time.

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