18 April 2009

The Random Sentence Generator

Thanks to the Kludge, I've been perusing random sentences in a personal quest for meaning. This site, here, lets you make up interesting and sometimes thought-provoking phrases that read like the Tibetan Book of Zen Ecclesiastes.

Some favorites:

Does the semantic employer combat the irritating rod?

I don't know, but I dreaded corporal punishment with those switches grandma beat me with. . .she taught English, btw.

Does a hero riot inside its permitted decay?

I think it has something to do with Superman talking to himself on the way to get a cavity filled.

A liquid insult runs before the highest principal.

Don't drink-especially before going to the principal's office.

The chap enlightens a freeing substitute without a body.

Aspartame is bad. Ghosts eating aspartame is even badder.

The suffering nature encloses a crazy choice.

The more bad choices in Life, the crazier your retirement years will be???

The ready idiot handicaps a zero universe.

Hmm. . .if the sum total of all the potential and kinetic energy in the universe is convertible to mass and everything tends to entropy and chaos, and Murphy's Law be true, then. . .aw heck. . .this requires too much higher math and hallucinogenic substances for me to understand.

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