31 March 2008

Cats, and bats, and things like that

Ever get the feeling that before humans started running the place, angels used to and, like immortal elves, one of them screwed up, (we’ll call him Morgoth,) then God made a law stating the next level in the Great Chain of Being is now at bat and furthermore, all the angels will be invisible, and that we’re all sort of like the angel’s pets now, their cats and dogs, (cats-you know-consider their human caretakers to be other cats as the cat brain is unable to think otherwise), and that perhaps not everybody you see is really human. . .right?

If so, then this explains baldness in men. Since males are more doggy and females more catty, most angels tend to pat guys on the head, like people do dogs, because when you think about it. Your first instinct when seeing a small furry mammal is to pat it on the head, whether it be a dog, fox, squirrel, rabbit, baby goat, and in some cases-wolverine.

Another of Life’s mysteries explained.

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