26 March 2008


24 March 2008, 7:45 PM.

The vast majority of the planet has little knowledge of how incredibly different the next millennium on Earth will be. As things currently stand, most people are sincerely screwed up. The East-coasters are in a bad condition; the West-coasters even worse. The middle part of the country is better than the rest, especially the Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, Tulsa regions. (Mainly due to the larger percentage of Christians here.) The next decade, I predict, will be violent and catastrophic. I hope I am wrong, but I know people by nature usually require something catastrophic to jerk them to their senses.

I have seen in my mind’s eye a windstorm, perhaps in the middle of the United States, that has the highest recorded winds and that most everything was leveled.

I have also seen things hidden under the Antarctic ice caps that will be discovered and these things will astound humanity, though not in the same way some human’s abilities will astound the planet. These things were buried thousands of years ago and to see them thawed will be something like surrealistic. I see people staring at them for hours saying little, and when they do speak-say, “so, that’s what they looked like.”

I have seen where God is literally preserving the southern polar ice cap for this last millennium. For I deem there are things buried there that will save many lives due to their isolation from the rest of the planet for such a long period of time.

Another thing I saw was a day in which the sky was grey, as if an intensely thick cloud covered the entire earth. The sun could be viewed with the naked eye and it was during the summer season in the northern hemisphere. It was eerie. Lurid. Later, something about the stars did not seem quite right.

It is now 8:10 PM on 24 March 2008 A.D. (when these words were written by me, Jason Michael Parrish)

Time is most certainly short-have you noticed?

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