28 March 2008

A Tale of the Springtide

About the hour for the kindling of candles, the beasts returned. Their lowings and brayings could be heard, and indeed almost felt, as they danced upon their homeland shore. Now after a time, it came to me that such an incessant lowing was abhorrent to mine ears. I girded up my loins and spake to the creatures words of deepest wisdom to comfort their feeble minds. But alas! They did not hearken unto reason for their minds were dark and wisdom rested not upon their brows. My anger became aroused and a great fire leapt into my breast as I considered their fell deeds, and dark thoughts crept into my soul.

Then I, Jason of the East, sought war.

I descended to my dwellings below and contrived, by magic as if it were, the operation of many machines so that straightaway the airs filled themselves with much clamor and the silence of the deep was broken. The beasts heard the noises of my labours and repented of their ardors and ceased their wailings.

And lo, I was avenged.

(But the next time those yahoo neighbors of mine start partying like it's 1985, well. . .I'm calling the landlord. . .sheesh!)

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