16 March 2008

I dreamt I was in space

. . .or possibly standing on the boundary of the cosmos.

I saw the fabric of the universe being stretched. The fabric was black and looked something like a spider web, but there were no empty spaces between the threads. The entire fabric was in a state of constant flux with something channels or tunnels forming and rapidly dissolving. It seemed mathematical to me, sort of like being on the edge of an enormous electron cloud. What I believe I was seeing was how reality, a higher dimensional reality, looks like. Perhaps this was a fifth-dimensional reality.

The soul and spirit of a man cannot be composed of empirically-detectable matter using our current technology, but they exist and cannot be un-made. Whatever they are composed of will last eternally. That’s not to say it will remain in its current state of organization and order.

Is it pure energy?

The new body can pass through walls and be illuminated, so perhaps it is some form of energy, or a particle with the intrinsic property of moving faster than the speed of light. It may be light itself, only at a different wavelength.

So, what happens when a Christian dies?

His body is shed like a cicada’s carapace and he becomes completely human, or more human, which is not as most would expect-biological. It must be a different sort of life and existence. One can think of our earthly life as being something like an embryo and everything we do now is mere preparation or practice for the post embryonic life.

And if one is not a Christian?

They still will exist, although I doubt if it will be in a. . .more human-like condition. Separation from God means they will finally experience an existence of their very own. Ashes come to mind. When a log is tossed to the flames, the wood is burnt, but there are the ashes. The ashes are like the remains of the aborted could-have-been-truly-human. The ashes cannot be destroyed. A very imperfect analogy to be sure, but I think you get the idea.

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