20 June 2008

Chaos Theory

Why has it has been said a man who does his work with excellence and something like perfection will perform before princes and kings, not obscure people. Because the royalty know the difference between 2nd rate shoddy work and masterpieces. That's one reason why they're in the position they're in. God put them there for a reason. Order is better than Chaos and a bad government is better than none at all. Even a communist government has some useful functions like keeping the grass cut and forestalling the invasion of wild animals until good people arrive.

When there is no government, chaos reigns, and since people are inherently bent towards evil, (I should say bent creatures), riots and lootings should be expected. This is always the case in times of natural disaster given enough time. A watched pot never boils if kept under constant supervision by the proper authorities. This is not to say I advocate a police state, far from it. But a police state, or a society under martial law, does have its usefulness. . .for a time.

The question is. . .what does God want one to do in Life, what does He expect of me? Or rather, what has He designed me to do? When He designs somebody for some task or deed, He gives them the ability to do it. He expects them to succeed in their endeavor. The person will probably enjoy doing his job and find a sense of accomplishment from doing it, no matter how difficult, or boring, or bizaar others may see it. When a person is a Christian, over time, providing he is maturing properly, this calling will become clearer. What is often very confusing is determining whether one's calling in Life is what it actually is, or, oftentimes, the perks of another's calling.

For example, suppose man A enjoys traveling all about the country, sleeping in a different hotel each night, meeting new people everyday, seeing new landscapes. Man A is very introverted, but his calling requires him to speak in front of crowds. He hates the speeches, but loves the new and varies sights. Is he doing the will of God?

Man B is a general fix-it man for a small company. He doesn't make much money, but loves his job. He could work from sun-up to sun-down and be as happy as a lark. Is he doing the will of God?

Man C believes his lot in Life is walking all over the continent carrying a cross on wheels. To him, this is better than sliced bread and cannot understand why everyone else doesn't see it his way. Obviously this man is highly extroverted. This, btw, is a common theme in Life. The more out-going one is, the less time available for work requiring much alone time. Deep thinking requires time, usually by oneself. Extroverts get antsy when alone for long periods of time and fight to see people as often as possible. . .and they're correct to do so. Put an introvert in North Dakota and given enough time he'll probably end up crazy-it's his nature. You cannot put a trained sheep dog in the wilderness and expect it to herd sheep after a time. Nor can you put a mountain lion in a cage and keep it in the backyard and expect it to live very long. It is just too much stress.

Introverts and extroverts really do not think and act alike.

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