17 June 2008

The Lewd Rude Crude Dude Society

In Virginia, we've a state law stating all vehicles must pass an inspection at a state registered facility in order to legally drive. All the inspection stations know this. Furthermore, they all know that if anybody wants to make a few extra dollars, it is almost inevitable somebody will walk through their doors, whom they have never seen before, who has money in their pocket, and must get this little inspection sticker for a mere 16 bucks. And even more furthermore, even though the car, or truck, or motorcycle, or 2003 silver Mazda B3000 with 57,000 miles has nothing wrong with it, it could potentially have some things wrong with it that do not necessarily need replaced, but because they have the power invested with-in them to put a 'failed' inspection sticker on one's windshield, one that attracts police officers from Richmond to the North Carolina state line, and makes one appear to be a cast-off vagabond derelict of society hanging onto the last dregs of society like a beggar from a Dicken's novel, all because one may be two weeks late after the yearly deadline (and really has no choice in the matter), they quite often make up a checklist of necessary items to be fixed-or-replaced and hand it to you along with an invoice should you in fact decide to fix or replace all the not quite necessarily need to be fixed or replaced entities on the said list. And furthermore on top of that, if one proceeds to debate the necessity of the entities on the list using what certainly appears to be an objective mind, they oftentimes get confused and flustered and adjust the numbers to account for labor. . .and pain.

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