25 June 2008

Speed and Mules

While trying to sleep the other night I started thinking about size of God, and people, and different species of animals-more specifically-mules.



(When one lives 1/2 a mile from an Air Force base and listens to the rumble of F-16s every waking hour, this is to be expected)

If one takes a pencil and moves it back and forth quickly enough, between two fingers, the one pencil more-or-less touches both fingers simultaneously, but not quite. If you do it fast enough, then eventually the pencil will be both places at once. It will take up all the space between the two fingers.

Try it.

You'll find that you've a rather large pencil, see. Now we know that according to the Theory of Special Relativity, and the Einstein equation, as one approaches the speed of light (186,000 miles per sec), time slows down and your mass increases.

Unfortunately, people are not able to move their bodies that fast as this requires enormous amounts of energy. But if one converts one's body into energy, say photons, then this would be easier.

When a person dies, their body is really the only thing that dies. The soul (mind, will, emotions, intellect) and the spirit (the innermost self) does not die. It gets released into the pure energetic form, I'm explaining this badly-I know, that it has spent years being molded into. Now the soul and the spirit must be composed of particles that have the intrinsic property of being capable of moving faster than the speed of light. So, for all practical purposes, (this might be hard to visualize yet it must be true. . .or be close to the truth. . .it does not exist in time as we know it, nor does it occupy space as we know it. It must be capable of moving through walls and physical object composed of atoms without difficulty much as our bodies can move through clouds.

Everything here on Earth and in the universe must be ephemeral to our new improved Real bodies.

I notice sometimes while I'm trying to fall asleep to the sound of jet engines that my soul and spirit seem very very large. . .like they are really surrounding me and my physical body is at the center. Ever notice when some people enter the room, you feel their presence before seeing them with your eyes? I find this occurring more and more as I age.

When a person becomes a Christian, I think their spirit. . .which is like that little blue pilot light inside the stove. . .gets blown on by the breath of God and increases in size. And then the Holy Spirit keeps blowing on it like oxygen, which explains why some people seem enormous. This size difference is so profound that Christians and non-Christians are really two distinct species of human. It is true they can mate on the biological level, but at the other two levels there is no comparison.

This where the mules enter the picture.

Horses and donkeys are two different species but are capable of interbreeding. When they do, the offspring are mules. . .and mules are sterile. . .incapable of reproducing after themselves.

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