28 June 2008

Shark Chow

I ate a shark for lunch today.

Not the entire shark, mind you, just the fins and some mushrooms in a soupy chicken broth-like mixture. It went well with the kim chee.

And what is kim chee, you ask?

Kim chee is the spiciest food in existence consisting of cabbage, seaweed (or something green and stringy. . .I hope it was seaweed), and the hottest spice on the planet.

Then I washed it down with Asian Red Bull. Asian Red Bull is like American Red Bull without the carbonation. It taste like Robotussin and is great for clearing sinuses.

Visitors to Virginia Beach this week should note that Virginia Beach is not really burning to the ground. The Great Dismal Swamp (down the road) is the place that is burning down. You wouldn't think a swamp could catch on fire and smoke like Vesuvius, but it is.

With all the tourist traffic, I tell myself I'm really in L.A.


kludge said...

Kim Chee - a Korean staple! Not a fan I would guess... well it grows on you, or in you.

In Korean it is actually buried in the ground for it's fermenting process. Apparently the smell is quite 'unpleasant'

Jason said...

I would hate to think of that stuff growing in me. I've got enough intestinal flora the way it is.