30 June 2008

Unidentified AMC Pacers

When I was a very young small child roaming the hills and dales of West Virginia collecting grasshoppers, Japanese beetles, and honeybees-because I thought, eventually, if I caught enough I could eat honey, my parents had a friend who drove an AMC Pacer.

The machine transfixed me. It looked like a bio-dome experiment gone wrong. I kinda figured it was designed by some Dr. Franklyinsenseless auto engineer who got abducted by extra-terrestrials and was assembled by his trusty servant who moonlighted at the local cathedral ringing bells.

In my mind, the Pacer was a bona fide UFO on wheels, and naturally I asked the lady if I could sit in her car and watch Alpha Centauri for aliens. Soon after, my parents beat me and it was not until years later I found out what made Karen (not her real name) cry.

I don't know what ever happened to the Pacer, but where ever you are, may you rust in peace.
(picture courtesy of Money.CNN.com)

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