14 August 2008


One should always do exactly what God has designed one to do in Life for to do anything else is meaningless. The other things may be meaningful for others and may be a help to them, but in the long term, this is not good. Many people with good intentions have done much good throughout History, but good intentions are not synonymous with a good Life, nor to a Life as successful as one could and should have if one does what God has designed one to do.

Groucho Marx wanted to be a doctor. I'm glad he didn't.

When one does exactly what they're supposed to do in Life, one should not be surprised if there is a backlash from many close friends and family. If one stays close to God, then only that one truly knows what they should do in Life. For who knows the spirit of a man except God?

One can know a lot about somebody else's spirit, and can often have a pretty good idea of their Life's calling, but to pretend like you're the Holy Spirit is not a good idea. To tell somebody else what they should do in Life is wrong, unless the circumstances call for it, and those circumstances are very very rare, yet they occur. If this does occur, then your spirit will leap in unison with the words the other has confirmed to you. If this doesn't happen, and you are very close to God, though it does not appear that way to others, you should take what you hear with a grain a salt and measure their words very carefully to avoid a life of uselessness.

Many times people say things that appear helpful and seem right at the time, but down the road in Life, it eventually becomes obvious there was a bad decision made. Bad decisions lead to more bad decisions and lead to wrong choices and lead to chaos and leads to madness and leads to even more uselessness and meaninglessness and that leads to an early grave.

Which is not good.

So, what does one do if they find themselves in a situation they should not be in? One must ask God to put them on the right track. And if the right track, for a time, is very painful, one should not be surprised. Braces sometimes hurt, but lead to good results.

Orthodontists say this all the time.

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