05 August 2008

Perry Ellis

A little while ago I spent about $60 to buy 16 gallons of gas and thought it was a good deal considering it only cost $3.71/gallon. . .but I still refuse to buy a Prius.

Also a little while ago, I did something quite remarkable for me. I went to an actual mall (I tend to avoid such places since I prefer outdoor woodsy areas and libraries.) I had no choice really as I needed a new watch battery and needed the services of this old fellow who cobbles shoes and fixes watches. Or is it-fixes shoes and is called a cobbler just because cobbler is a cool name to call oneself???

Later, I bought some clothes as most of mine look like something from the George Bush the First era. As I walked around the store, I noticed the men's clothing could be grouped into 4 main motifs.

1-the never-changing style of the old-man-golfer group. For reasons I do not fathom, this style doesn't seem to ever change. The color of the little horse guy on the tees might change, but really, how many colors do you expect Docker's pants to be? The old fellers know they're not going to be around much longer-so they might as well get what's comfortable.

2-the athletic section. Always always always dominated by Nike and Adidas.

3-the boys section (I didn't really notice what was going on here, except that it exists)


4-the what's currently popular style section. I don't really like what's in now. It looks like a rebellious, post-apocalyptic, vaguely militaristic motif that's popular now with the trend setters. Although something about the vague militaristic part appeals to me in a non-communist sort of way. I've always tended to dress this way at work. . .khakis and dark shirts. . .because experience has taught me that people always respect the lab tech more when dressed in combat-like wear. . .especially if they're holding a bottle of HCl or NaOH, are at the end of a 15 hour shift, and have a blood-caffeine index that is illegal in the Olympic games.

Alexander Solzhenitsyn died. I feel I should be somewhat morose as he is one of my favorite writers. And if you've never read the Gulag Archipelago- you should.

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