18 August 2008


One should be extremely sensitive to whom one allows to touch them.

Over the years, one should should become very sensitive to uncleanness, which is not to be confused with dirtiness. Very few people are clean nowadays, college students especially. Prolly due to the fact they open themselves up more than non-college people. Lesbians are especially unclean. . .something about their spirits are rough, dirty, and hairy. It's like a large fibrous root that must be burned out of the ground in order to be properly destroyed. Something like weeds and snakes. Evil. Homosexual spirits in males are slippery and weak, and make the human's eyes they latch onto cold, pale, and vacuous. It's like their very blood is affected with a serious case of anemia. They whine alot and complain. It's almost impossible for them to look you in the eye. As strange as this may sound, when I encounter unclean things, my hair stands on edge, my muscles get taut, and I feel like a mountain lion growling under my breathe.

The more godly somebody is, the more deeper and rounder the eyes. They seem to glow with life. Their pilot light is well-lit and burning. I suspect it is difficult for some people to look into their eyes because of the purity.

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