08 August 2008

Four Eights

Volvos are good cars.

Not morally so. They're really amoral, not to be confused with immoral.


The thing is-are Volvos good because they're mechanically well-designed or because the typical Volvo driver is by nature an ideal driver? Volvo drivers tend to have a lot of sense, drive with common sense, and have lots of cents in their bank accounts, and truthfully, they probably have good scents too. Make sense?

When one loses touch with reality, one loses the ability to be effective in reality. Somebody out-of-touch with reality must live in a pseudo-reality-complete with their self-constructed worldview. A worldview that is complete with predictive powers, self-fulfilling prophecies, facts that support their paradigms. . .everything. And when something does not go according to plan, they even have a rational explanation to explain this apparent discrepancy.

After time, when apparently nothing goes according to plan, self-doubt settles in and they get depressed and cynical. Later, nothing really makes sense anymore and meaninglessness takes over.

I think this is the current state of China, more specifically the communist government. I'm amused to see the Olympics taking place in a totalitarian society. . .one that preaches openness.

Communism's days are numbered here, I hope.

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