25 October 2008


Good writing is hard because you use your mind. Using the mind requires energy and muscles. Flaccid brain muscles-or atrophied neurons from disuse-make good writing harder. Practice makes better, as does peace, quiet, solitude, and a warm padded prison cell.

'Do unto others as you would have them do unto you' is a noble idea. Good advice unless one is suicidal.

True individuality can only be achieved with the sustained company of others. This does not mean one should spend all day in the company of others. It means we should have regular contact with people and not live a monastic life. . .tempting though it may be. Some people, most people really, need a great deal of time, perhaps the majority of their time, with others for good emotional health. Especially the bodily-kinesthetic types with ADD. Alone by themselves for an hour or so and they start scratching the walls. It is hard for them to realize not everybody is as they are. A umber of people need hours upon hours in solitude to get any work done-the kind of work they have been designed to do. Putting one of these people, we'll call them introverts (and no-that does NOT mean they're shy) into a high-stress people-oriented job such as sales will send them to an early grave. This is one reason why Pandas don't do well in zoos and why lions sleep all day.

Certain animals shouldn't be in captivity. Lions, tigers, sloths, eagles-all solitary creatures who prefer large open grassy places. The two grey squirrels living in the oak tree in my back yard are introverts. Of this I am certain. Yesterday a 3rd squirrel came over to visit. My two squirrels didn't want to play and spent a good half-hour wrestling with the neighbor.

Everyone is equal, but not not everyone can multi-task. I try to multi-task, but truth be told, I'm horrible at it. I can do it to a certain extent, but prefer doing things one at a time.

Trying to get pandas to act like other animals because the other animals think it should act like them is bad policy. Pandas in captivity don't do to good and almost never breed due to the stress. They live short lives ans get aggressive due to mental instability. Dams are made to withstand stress, but only so much. Even Hoover Dam will burst if a small leak develops. People should know this. They act as if they don't. If you tell them this, they get emotional and call you selfish. Selfish for placing your own ambitions over those of the family. But to do what others think you should do instead of what you are designed to do hurts the family. For a family member to continue doing something they've no business doing is to limit the family's usefulness and effectiveness in society. Not everyone is designed to be auto mechanics. Some people fix helicopters.

Pandas need seclusion and bamboo to live like they're supposed to live. They should not be caged and gleered at by humans. Pandas don't act right when watched.

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