24 October 2008

Unauthorized experiments are generally unauthorized for good reasons

Working in a chemistry lab after hours can be dangerous to your health.

That's not to say it is uninteresting.

For example, yesterday we discovered. . .sort of by accident. . .a novel way of destroying beakers by manufacturing a synthetic sugary lava-like substance, quite evil-smelling, with a pH of 1.

(Pics will be coming once the camera gets all the acid fumes removed)

We had a sign in the lab stating-Days without an accident.

That got depressing seeing all the ones and zeros so we changed it to-Days without any significant accidents.

This really didn't make us feel much better. So again the sign was changed to read-Weekend Days without any significant accidents.

Life was good for a time-moral reach new levels until we picked up more clients and started to work more weekends.

Naturally, the sign needed updating. This time it was amended to read-Significant Days without any Incidents.

You can only guess what happened.

To make a long story short, we decided with all the ex-hippies running around to call it-Significant Weekend Days without incense.

Now we are all living happily-ever after.

(Until somebody gets hurt)

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