16 October 2008


There are three things that are hard to understand in America; Four things that would make it nearly intolerable.

Higher taxes, abortion, friendship with terrorists, and a President in favor of them all.

I learned two things last night.

Arguing with an idiot is a waste of time and even an idiot can look smart if he acts cool, calm, and collected.

I really do not know why a U.S. citizen would vote for BO. One must be stupid, incredibly misinformed, or living in a cave to do so.


One must have a twisted sense of reality, hate America (and people in general), or be horribly misinformed about Life in general. Yet, people will vote for the guy. People will also commit murder, rape, abuse children, and wonder why they're obese after eating fast food 10 times a week for years.

I realize that American society, as a whole, is not nearly as wise as they think they are and certainly not as wise as they were 60 years ago. Sure, they know more facts, but knowing more facts doesn't mean you know what to do with them.

Joe Biden said it is patriotic for the rich to pay more taxes. Apparently, Joe has a thing for men-in-tights. I think Bo should do the patriotic thing and drop out of the election and do something he's qualified for. Something like, oh say, (I'm still thinking). . .

For those of you planning to vote for BO, I want to encourage you to get your head out of Barackistan, think with your mind. . .not your emotions or what the neighbors tell you to do. . .and vote for McCain.

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Dan Rust said...

See the YouTube video below:


for one person’s perspective on how you can make a decision to support Obama AND vote for John McCain. Feel free to forward this to any “undecided” voters you know of. This will be a VERY close election and we need every single vote we can get.

Demonizing Obama will get us a few votes (and also lose us at least a few votes) but I hope that a rational, positive thought process will persuade a few people who are still on the fence.