12 May 2007

I am 12,189 days old

Found this on a most interesting blog today.

This here revolutionary calculate the number of days since whatever floats you're boat thingamajig gives you the number of days since a certain event happened (Did I just write a run-on sentence???)

Does it seem like people always say the say exact thing over and over again, if not everyday, but at discrete intervals, like, say. . .every three days. . .always repeating themselves because it must seem like the thing to do cause, after all. . .nothing new happens under the sun. Everything repeats repeats repeats itself, always. Like Groundhog Day. People always do this I notice. Always saying, "Boy, this week sure went by quickly. Did it seem fast to you?" (This is what one of my co-workers says every single week without fail on Thursday night.) It's like clockwork, predictable clockwork. Not talking cuckoo clockwork, but atomic clock thinking here. I mean, people always say the same things. Is there nothing else going on in the Universe? There must be. If not here, then in some obscure place like Borneo. Actually, I think people repeat themselves much more in Borneo. After all, they're barely out of the Stone Age in Borneo and I know things haven't changed much over there.

"So, Taku, thing it'll rain today?"
"Prolly so Bill, rainy season ya know. Always does in rainy season."

Things, LIFE, should not be this way. Every day should give people something to talk about, no matter how insignificant. Good things. . .not "Let's give them something to talk about" types of things which seem to be quite the thing nowadays. God is doing a new thing, said somebody in a wave of revelation once upon a morning dreary. . .unless it was in a desert. . .if it was in a desert, that man must have had faith in God.


kludge said...

Wow... I'm only 10,872 I feel so young...

I certainly never have to worry about predictable clockwork from you. In fact I go so far to say this site defies predictability!

Thanks for more junk to think about!

Jason said...

Always happy to contribute to the madness.