11 May 2007

Watchman Nee

This is one of those books that all Christians should read. I do not think that much of it would make sense to a non-Christian, therefore I do not recommend it to them. In a nutshell, it discusses the tripartite nature of man. His spirit, soul, and body. . .in great detail. Most people have a great deal of difficulty discerning the differences between the three. This should not be so.

I first read it about ten years ago, and honestly, there were many sections which I knew to be true intuitively, but it was very difficult to accept. Things that all Christians should know, and do know, but purposely do not recall and repress, which leads of course to a less than optimal life here on good ole' planet Earth.

There are very very few books out there I think every Christian should have, but this is on that should be sitting on your coffee table. Another is 'Mere Christianity' by C.S. Lewis.

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