18 May 2007

State of Fear

Just now. . .(5 minutes ago). . .got hold of Crichton's book here. I have drunk the coffee, adjusted the lighting, removed the dust jacket. . .and will now. . .(in 5 minutes). . .read about global warming and conspiracies.

Life is officially good.

(Does anybody know what 'Windows is increasing your virtual memory' mean? I hope it's not a pop-up ad)


kludge said...

Sweet! Let me know if it's any good!..

Windows is increasing your virtual memory, means... well actually it means that Windows is increasing your virtual memory. This is fine and not a pop-up.

Jason said...

'State of Fear' is a good read. I about lost Michael there after his 'Prey' book.

kludge said...

The last one I read was Timeline. I was not happy with the ending, but maybe I'll give this one a shot.

Jason said...

Agreed. 'Timeline' went a little flat at the end.