29 May 2007

Roast Beast

Of the conversations held over this week-end, the one that really stands out is the 'exotic meats eaten,' held over the course of one Saturday afternoon.

Many people described eating bears, snakes, horses, water buffalo, zebras, various members of the insect Kingdom, birds, cephalopods, and several unclean beasts that don't even have a chance of becoming kosher.

Surprisingly, nobody had ever eaten Pangolin. Even more surprising, was the fact nobody knew what a Pangolin looked like.

Pangolins, as you know, are the result of a biochemist who, in what can only be described as a fit of madness, inserted a pine cone chromosome into the genome of a mongoose. And now is sitting at home with his wife Matilda saying, "There's yore danged missing link for ya boys. Figure out what that came from."

You would think that somebody would have tasted 'Roast Pangolin' before eating squid or snails, but no.

One thing we did agree on is 'Roast Pangolin' probably tastes like pine-scented chicken.

So, if anybody out in cyberspace, outerspace, or. . .perhaps just spaced out. . .has eaten one of these creatures, please tell me.

I'm a biologist. It's my job.

Todays Tidbit: On this date in 1935, Arthur Kneibler (no relation to the Keebler elves) received a patent for men's briefs. . .aka underwear. According to the Ottawa Citizen and the Chicago Tribune, a 1935 magazine ad touted it's 'scientific suspension' and 'restful buoyancy.'

It still amazes me how humans survived the Ice Age.

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