11 May 2007

I might post today

I have had a headache for almost three days now. Sometimes it goes away, but only for a few hours. Is it the heat? Stress? Work-related chemicals stained on my clothes? Pollen?

Who knows. I have a remedy for getting rid of pesky headaches. 1st you take two advil, second you drink a carbonated beverage (this is to facilitate the drugs entrance into the bloodstream. . .because of the CO2). Then you drink a glass of water and run 6-8 miles fairly hard. The first 1-2 miles can be pretty painful, but once the blood flow increases, you feel better. I should note that only running does this. Weight-lifting and bicycling do not. . .they only increase the pain. Shortly after the running, you eat something. With a little protein in it-not much. It should be easily digestible and most definately not come from a fast food establishment. Spaghetti works good.

I have decided to run a marathon. Probably not for at least one year. The goal is 3 hours. Note: I intend to run a marathon, not race one. The main reason is to get back into shape, so I figure that if I can run 26.2 miles non-stop in 180 minutes, I will be in good shape.

I think I'm in fairly good shape right now, certainly better than most people. But, I remember the times when I would go out and run a sub-5-minute mile and it felt ridiculously easy. I want to be able to do this again. Only this time, I hope not to be so obsessive compulsive about my training.


Teresa said...

I always get pesky sinus headaches during the spring.
Good luck in your training for a marathon.

kludge said...


You had me till 'run 6-8 miles fairly hard'. Can I just take the pills, drink the soda and eat spaghetti? I'd like to avoid the 26.2 miles in 180 minutes part if at all possible!

Jason said...

Thanks Terri!--I need the luck.

Kludge--nope, can't do it. The thing is one has to get the blood flowing quickly for a sustained amount of time. This saturates the body's tissues with oxygen.

I suppose you could sleep in a hyperbaric chamber though.

kludge said...

Can I bring my teddy bear?