04 March 2006

Greetings All

Hello fellow wigwam owners. This is my very first attempt at building a blog and this is my very first post. The first in the history of the planet. Imagine that. I suspect that in the coming days I'll entertain you with my thoughts about life in the swamp. Stuff like eel-cookin' and pipe smokin.' Useful stuff that every marshwiggle should know.

What's a marshwiggle?

I'm glad you asked. Marshwiggles are tall, lanky, somewhat green-grey amphibian-like humans who live in the Northern Marshes of Narnia. I don't live in Narnia any more since K-Mart came to town and paved my homeland in asphalt, soooo I moved to South-Eastern Virginia. More on this later.


Jason said...

This is a test. This NOT a test of the emergency broadcast system. Nevertheless, a test it remains.

Jason said...

It worked!!! I am so happy I could eat frog legs.