07 March 2006

Night Shift

One of the great things about working the night shift is all the strange creakings and groanings that our pre-WWII building emits. The sounds most don't here during the day. I've noticed that around 3 AM they reach peak crescendo. Sometimes I wonder if the place is haunted.

(I find this is a good time to get really spiritual and pray to God). It's definately an 'unclean' place. If you know what I mean. It's like something or some things linger there. Little things like lizards, but they're invisible. I feel they're watching me. . . the little reptiles. Yet they can't touch me and fear me because they know I'm a Christian. Others who've worked the night shift think there are ghosts at the lab. (I work in a chemistry lab, btw). If anything, they're annoying. But there are reasons why they linger there. Every thing has a cause. Certain entities have rights. They're allowed to linger because of what. . . sin??? This can be the only reason. Somebody's not living right if there are unclean things hanging about the place. A perverse somebody or somebodys.

I always wear a lab coat and latex gloves. I HATE touching things there.

Aside from this, it's not a bad bad place to work. The pay is half decent and I've LOTS of downtime.

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