16 March 2006

The Ides have it

I didn't run on the Ides of March. Lifted weights instead. I lift weights every day except Sunday. It's my Sabat.

My church has a new web site. Dominion Christian Center. Created and composed by my soon-to-be-married-cousin Mr. Theodore Shuttlesworth. Check it out.

A story I heard today: Once upon a time an Amish father and son discovered a magical door (at the mall of all places). Over the door stood a row of blinking red lights. As they gazed up at this metallic wonder, they observed an elderly woman with sagging skin step inside. The doors closed, the lights blinked red, then a bell sounded to the opening of the door.

And Lo! A beautiful young woman stepped out. The Amish man's eyes gleamed with wonder and he said to his son.

"Quick! Boy...Get your mother..."

I love homeade Amish cheese from Pennsylvania.

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