25 March 2006

High Noon

According to my computer, it is now officially high noon. While reading cnn.com I came across this picture of a squirrel eating a Wendy's french fry. What is bizaar is that last night I had a dream in which I was lecturing somebody about opinions and Wendy's hamburgers. I distinctly recall saying that, "if in your opinion you think that Wendy's hamburgers are the best in the world, and God does not agree with you...your opinion is worthless. And to still say that they are the best hamburgers in the world is to utter a cognitively meaningless sentence.

If on the other hand, God thinks Wendy's hamburgers are the absolute best and you agree, then your opinion carries all the weight in the world, and is the next thing to a fact of nature, even though it is still merely your opinion."

I should also mention that I ate exactly nothing yesterday and drank nothing but water...I was fasting.

Training news: I'm going out to run about six miles this afternoon. I'm waiting for my body to digest the cappuchino, sassafras tea, rice pudding, and potato salad I ate for breakfast.

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