21 March 2006

March Madness

This Thursday West Virginia University will play the Texas Cows basketball team in the Sweet 16 NCAA tournament. Everyone reading this blog is required to root for the Mountaineers.

I spent 6 years at this school and grew up near where Kevin Pittsnogle went to high school. Just for the record, Mr. Pittsnogle's basketball team NEVER beat our high school. So please, gentle readers, I beg of thee...don the royal blue and gold, eat a cow, watch CBS, and cheer for the team with the bearded buckskin-wearing Daniel Boonesque figure shooting a muzzleloader in the Georgia Dome.

Should we win, I'll discuss our next opponent...most likely the Duke Lucifers.

In training news: No running planned. Just a simple weight workout consisting of bench-pressing, barbell curling, leg lifting, and sit-ups.

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